What some of our happy, healthy clients have to say...


Sarina, Brisbane

I am now on the last week of the 12-week program with Lisa, I was a medicated Type II Diabetic with high cholesterol and thyroid issues. In just 12 weeks I have not only lost 12kg but my doctor has just taken me off my diabetes, cholesterol and thyroid medication all in the same consultation!! I can’t believe this has happened so quickly. I love caring about what I eat. I am feeling great.


Having someone who is knowledgeable in the area of food and gives you simple recipes, makes it easy.


I would recommend Lisa to anyone serious about doing something about their health.


Lisa is so passionate about helping people.  I look forward to continued success and being guided by Lisa. This is only the beginning of my journey!


David, Sydney

Lisa is an amazing source of information for understanding healing foods for different ailments and for producing tasty and nutritional recipes.  


Due to extreme health issues within my family, my wife and I decided that we needed to look at changing our families diet. We were very confused with how to do this.  We contacted  Lisa to assist us. Lisa understood what we were trying to achieve with our family and helped us with not only understanding our food and its impact but where to source good quality fruit and vegetables.


Lisa has a thirst and drive for education, and researching information about current scientific studies. I highly recommend Lisa.


Kate, Cairns

When I started a 12 week program with Lisa, I was looking to achieve a change in my diet, reduction in my anxiety and an increase in my self-esteem.  Through my sessions, Lisa changed the way I thought about food and she taught me nutritional values and helped source the products and produce that would benefit my health. She also assisted my anxiety by teaching me breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and suggested a basic exercise program that took into consideration my health limitations. These dietary changes and exercises gave me a heightened sense of wellbeing and have become part of my daily routine.  


I am calmer within myself, my focus is clear and directed and I am able to concentrate and stay focused.


I live in Cairns, so I had weekly skype calls with Lisa and emails when I required further encouragement.


Lisa is a caring, committed and genuine person who understands. Lisa has changed my life for the better and I will continue my journey with her help and assistance.